When beaTch was young, he used to play guitar and do vocals in a catchy post noise band from Dunkerque (France) called Milgram. Their first album “Vierhundertundfünfzig Volt” was released in 1998 on Pandemonium Rds. beaTch also played on Milgram’s 2nd album, “Subversion Standard” (RCH Rds) but there aren’t any left.

In the early 2000s, beaTch founded a record label called Neji Production with some friends. He released his first solo album as Billy B. Beat in 2005, kind of a French electroclash sound, a 180 from beaTch’s music. At the same time, he  played on some tunes by the famous Comte du Cul, and produced some songs for Jonaz.

A terrible car crash happened in 2010, wich changed his life. beaTch was born. Even he’s currently better known for his coconut cookies, he’s supposed to become a famous a rock star right after he dies.